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"HRT Doubles Heart Risk in Two Years" - Is There a Safer Alternative Way to Deal with Menopause?

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I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post. This is partly down to feeling in hibernation mode with all this cold weather, and partly due to working on a little project which will hopefully come to fruition in the very near future. That's my excuse, anyway. ;-D

One of the hard-copy newsletters that I take on subscription is called "What Doctors Don't Tell You" (WDDTY), which I find an extremely interesting read when it arrives each month. I'm also signed up to their email newsletter and one of the items today caught my interest - HRT doubles heart risk in two years.

Being only just a year away from celebrating my half century and knowing that on average most women have reached menopause by about 51 years of age, information about the menopause (the point at which a woman stops menstruating and is no longer fertile) is of interest. I know I've been going through the menopausal process since about the age of 40, with little signs and changes along the way. A number of people have told me that this was too young to be in peri-menopause, the lead-in to menopause, but in her book, "Menopausal Years The Wise Woman Way", Susun Weed comments that as soon as you find yourself asking yourself the question "Is this menopause?" consider the process begun. As she says "Something is changing or you wouldn't be asking".

So far, things have gone quite well, although that may always change. Rather than the more usual hot flushes / flashes, the main symptom that bothers me is a funny heartbeat / palpitations. This was checked out when it started and found to be benign
(premature ventricular contractions or PVCs). (It is always a good idea to get symptoms checked - they may have other, more serious causes than hormonal imbalances.) It seems to occur at certain times in the hormonal cycle, and also seems to be associated with being too hot and sometimes too much caffeine. Personally, I think I might prefer the hot flushes, to vent away the heat instead, although as they say, "Be careful what you wish for ...".

Originally, I used herbal remedies and nutritional supplements whenever I remembered to take them, but once I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) I found that to be a great advantage as it is so easy to tap a few rounds on the spot, whenever necessary, and it nearly always sorts it out, there and then. Likewise, meridian tapping for the occasional hot flush; feeling moody; swollen, tender breasts, etc. It really is so quick and easy, and a much better option than loading the body up with drugs that can have some rather deleterious side-effects.

You may have gathered that I'm not really into the medicalization of a natural process that all women who reach their three score year and ten will undergo. After all, what's the alternative - fallen off the perch!

Precisely because I do have the arrhythmia symptoms I tend to get a bit concerned about any medication that might cause heart problems so the slew of articles on the heart disadvantages of HRT makes me very wary about the thought of using it. Of course there are also the cancer risks, etc., and all-in-all my preference is to go down a much more natural route, at least as the first way of dealing with any symptoms. Having said that, many others may still prefer the HRT route, and that's fine so long as they have made an informed decision.

It was because I was finding that EFT was helping to knock out symptoms for others as well as myself that I decided to write my eBook, "Menopause - Hormonal Balance With EFT". You might like to visit the site. I have started adding a few articles (EFT for Painful Menopause Symptoms; Empower Yourself - EFT and Menstrual Issues, You Can Tap Them Away; Bio-identical Hormones, HRT or an Even More Natural Approach ) and there are two tap-along scripts at the moment for hot flushes / flashes, and night sweats. As time allows I hope to add both more articles and tap-along scripts. If anyone has any particular topics they would like covered then contact me and we'll see if anything can be done.

It's hard to know for sure, but I do believe that the energy work that I carry out regularly, which includes EFT as and when needed, and daily Reiki self-healing meditations, is playing a part in helping my transition through the "Change of Life" to be a harmonious one. If symptoms do become stronger and/or more regular then I know I have a powerful yet gentle tool to deal with them. It seems a good way to avoid the possible risks of HRT, along with other sensible life-style measures. If you feel the Menopause Monster has taken over your life, it might be a different approach to taming it and reclaiming your life. This time of life doesn't have to be a pain. There are things that you can do to empower yourself and take back control. All it requires is an open mind and a few minutes a day to tap away. So go on, give it a try!

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