Monday, 12 April 2010

Therapeutic Gardening ... and an Unexpected Parcel...

Hi everyone,
I can't believe how fast time is flying by - almost halfway through April already. It's been a busy time this last couple of weeks  in the back garden. It looked a real mess, and having found some photos of it looking lovely a few years ago, when looking for a flower photo to do a craft project, I've realized that it's way beyond time for a total freshen up and revamp. 

The garden back when it looked decent.

It's really quite good to be out in the garden, in the sunshine (yay - at last!), listening to the birds and the bees as I've dug out beds  and started on the tidy up. Looks like it will need a fair few packs of seeds when I've finished, although some areas are going to be gravelled for easier maintenance.

It's been a frustrating few weeks recently, one way and another, with a number of issues all coming together at once. There has been quite a bit of meridian tapping going on to help me through (e.g. Even though I am incredibly frustrated by ________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though I am so upset that I have let myself get so bothered by this/these situation(s), I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself and allow myself to move forward in a more positive mode....).  Spending 10 hours deep digging and forking over the beds in the garden over the last three days has  proved to be extremely therapeutic, helping to earth any remaining negativity about the issues bugging me. One, I think, I sincerely hope, is sorted; another may still take a little time to settle, but is moving forward, very slowly, but moving forward none-the-less. 
It's also good to note that EFT comes in very useful for helping to relieve the aches and pains of muscles that are wondering what the heck you are doing to them after such a long time. Even though my hips and thighs are aching and protesting, I deeply and completely....... If I spent longer on it, I'd probably clear it totally but I'm more than happy to get SUDS down from 7-8 to 2-3 and then get on with other things.
Other things I am trying to get on with include getting into digital craft design so that I can make my own craft papers up for personal use, and perhaps, if there is enough interest, to sell online as a little sideline. Early days yet, and part of the recent frustrations is buying a design package to manipulate images that isn't working as simply and easily as it promises to do. Hopefully,  after many telephone calls and emails, an upgrade in the very near future will resolve issues that I and others are having with this software. In the meantime I'm trying to make time to have a play with and get to know my way around a drawing package the OH bought for me - otherwise it's learning about PaintShop Pro and lessons from my niece.
So plenty to be getting on with......
I've taken it as a good sign that  a parcel arrived for me this morning, totally out of the blue. What could be inside such a bulky package? I'm not expecting anything. When opened, it revealed two sets of Fiskars scissors, small and large, and a paper trimmer. ????? Then the penny dropped. For the first time ever, I'd actually won one of the give-aways in a craft magazine (Simply Cards and Papercraft)! This has really brightened my day and my outlook.
Now I just have to see if I can work up enough motivation for another hour of digging in the garden - hmmm, perhaps tomorrow, after work. Got some crafting to do now :-D. 
Bright Blessings,
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