Monday, 27 September 2010

EFT Tapping for PHB (Post Holiday Blues)

Hi everyone,

It's been quite a while since my last posting but a theme of this year appears to be starting projects that take FAR longer than I thought to complete, leaving me with less time for other things.

The garden was the first one earlier in the year. It doesn't look too bad at the moment but there is still a bit of work to do, but that can wait a little longer when plants start to die off for the winter. I don't like to be too tidy over the autumn/winter months as I think it is important to leave habitats available for the wildlife to over-winter.

The other major project I undertook was to revamp my websites, and I had received the updated Serif WebPlus X4 programme and thought it should be a doddle to just transfer the site details into new look sites. Well, the programme is great to work with - it has to be straight forward and easy for me to use it, but somehow it took me a lot longer to get things done. I also recently bought the Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 programme and was using that for some of the elements of design for the new sites. It took a great deal of self-will not to just wander off and play with that. What took the additional time is that I had to add some extra pages to the main site as I am now offering mp3 audio downloads of Ambient Nature Sounds for relaxation, meditation or work / therapy rooms background, and also free EFT tap-along scripts and audio downloads.

Anyway, all of this took quite a few weeks to do, finally finishing two days before our two week holiday in Scotland. The day before we left was a bit hectic, getting everything sorted, collecting the glider in its trailer and packing. At least this year we got away without any of the stresses of last year's holiday (Selene being diagnosed with a lymphoma 2 days before the holiday; petrol in the car's diesel tank; husband not sure if he was going to be made redundant; not having all the glider bits, etc.)

The two weeks break in Scotland was bliss for me - peaceful, quiet, dark at nights. I was able to catalogue all my digital photos and start playing at last with my digital design programme. I also read my way through 8 Terry Pratchett Discworld books and we got to see a couple of castles we've been meaning to look at over the last few years, Craigievar and Crathies.  I also had the opportunity to visit some craft shops, Simply Create in Alford, Lainesworld in Insch, and Meg's Attic in Banchory. Internet access was restricted to when we were at the gliding club in Aboyne and so I had a great chill-out time - much needed after being on the go for so long, a wonderful contrast.

Pity about the weather though; my husband and the other glider pilot with whom we share a cottage only managed to get about 10 hours flying over the whole fortnight. Last year they got in at least 8 days, with 3 - 4 hours each time. This time they had only about 5 days when the weather allowed flying, and even that was only for about an hour or two. So rather disappointing for them....

As is usually the case, the first week went by quite leisurely, and then before we knew it, it was time for the 8 hour journey home. Once home I had the 'delight' of a fortnight's washing and ironing to do and on the Monday morning I was feeling far from cheerful as I started on the second load of ironing before going out to work, knowing a third load was waiting for me when I got back! I was in a right grumpy mood and even my work colleagues commented I wasn't my usual cheerful self. Not only did I not want to have to be back at work, it also felt as if I was coming down with a cold, or some sort of virus.

Later that evening, having polished off the ironing, and making dinner and still feeling really brassed off, and also a bit throaty, I decided it might be a good idea to apply a little EFT to the situation. SUDS had to be pretty much 10/10! 

Even though I feel a right grump today; I really did not want to have to go back to work, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I've got a really big case of PHB (post holiday blues), worse than usual because I was enjoying the break so much, and it makes me really grumpy and brassed off, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and all my negative feelings.

Even though I wish I could still be on holiday, and not have to do all the washing and ironing, and cooking the meals, and I don't want to go to work and it looks like I'm brewing up a cold or something to get out of going to work, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself and allow all this negativity to flow away from me.

I tapped around all the short-cut points: feel a right grump, don't want to have to go to work, all the washing and ironing, goes on forever, bad case of PHB, brewing up a cold, this throaty feeling, feeling tired and brassed off, want to be back in Scotland, want the peace and quiet, feeling really brassed off, know I'm being silly, know I'm being childish, don't want to have to start on the grind again....

Feeling somewhat better now, starting to yawn and the eyes were beginning to water I changed to some more positive affirmations. only feeling bad because I had a really good time, enjoyed the peace to re-charge the batteries, don't have to rush straight into things, can choose to pace myself better, the washing and ironing can wait, what's with the cold symptoms?, been away for a fortnight - want to get to work to earn some money, I know I really enjoy working with my clients, don't need to make myself ill, choosing to let go, choosing to go with the flow, choosing to retain the peace and quiet, choosing to feel good....

This felt a good place to stop. I felt much more cheerful and the SUDS were practically zeroed.

The next day I felt far more positive and upbeat, and the grumpiness appeared to have vanished. Not only did I go to work with a smile, but also managed to get more washing and ironing done (the weather kindly co-operating), and in fact finished. On the Wednesday I received some good news work-wise, twice, and even the starter motor and the battery going on the car didn't bother me unduly. "Do you have a caravan or trailer on your car?" asked the AA man when I phoned for assistance. Not THIS week, thankfully. If it had happened while we were away, it could have been interesting, stuck out in the Styx.... So there's always something to be grateful for.

And this weekend I finished tidying up some loose ends on the websites,  and got the house cleaned so seem pretty much totally on top of things -  at least until the next project comes along.... :-)

EFT tapping - such a useful thing to know about! As Gary Craig says - Try it on everything!

Bright Blessings, 
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