Monday, 24 January 2011

Weepy Mood Lifted by EFT Tapping

Hi everyone,

I don't really know exactly why it was, but late yesterday afternoon I found myself overtaken by a very despondent state of mine, strong enough to make me cry.

My back, neck and shoulders were aching from an altercation with a double mattress. We had taken our old one to the tip to be disposed of.  I had hold of one end as we pulled it off the top of the car, and my husband the other. We had to move it just a few feet and over a small barrier. No big deal.

Not being the biggest and brawniest of people I had some of the weight leaning against my arm and side. "We'll just flip it over," said my husband, and I expected a countdown to allow me to get in a better position, but he immediately started tilting the mattress, with me still beneath it and a lot of pressure began pushing against my side, neck and head.

I had a brief vision of a newspaper headline saying something like "Wife's neck broken by mattress at tip" as I felt  and heard the muscles in my neck pull  and creak and shouted to him to stop. Fortunately he did, but I certainly knew that quite a few of my back and neck muscles had taken a bit of a pounding.

Once back home I continued getting some work tidied up on the PC to clear the decks to allow me some guilt-free time playing when my new design package arrives any day now. I felt quite achey, although no worse than I've felt when out working for a few hours in the garden. As I typed away at the PC I suddenly felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness, not quite "poor me",  just an intense emotional upwelling.

I sat for a few moments, motionless, and then, from nowhere, the tears came. Not just a few, but a proper storm of tears. Part of me was watching this and wondering where the heck it was coming from, what was it all about. After a second or two, this part of me decided to take action and started tapping on the Karate Chop point.

Even though I feel so incredibly sad and weepy, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I have no idea why I feel so emotional and weepy, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and all my feelings anyway.
Even though I'm in floods of tears, and feel so sad, and my back and neck are aching and painful, and this isn't me, I'm not normally like this, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.

I then began to tap on the various points:  

crying like this; these tears; feel so sad; so incredibly sad; no idea where it's come from; so very emotional; and my back aches; and my neck aches; but that's not enough to make me cry like this; feeling of "poor me"; where is it all coming from?; what is it trying to tell me; this intense emotion; this strong feeling of sorrow; making my eyes sting with the tears; do I need to know what it's all about?; perhaps it's my hormones jiggling about; perhaps that mattress knocked some "stuffing" out of me; I just don't know; I don't need to know. 

By now the tears had stopped but I carried on tapping a little while longer;

I can choose to let this go; I choose to just let it flow through me; I choose to let go of anything that isn't serving me well; I choose to let the tears wash through me, cleansing; just flowing through me; bringing healing for whatever needs healing; I choose peace and calm.

I stopped and took a deep breath, and then took stock. The storm had passed through. I hadn't taken a SUDS reading at the start - it's pretty safe to say that it was 10/10. Now I felt calm and still.

Perhaps the physical mauling from the mattress had somehow brought something to the surface. I must have been in a sensitive state of mind for it to take me in this way. In the normal course of things I am a very positive person, one of those "cups half full" folk, and it is rare for me to become so downcast, and so swiftly.

It might well be the peri-menopausal hormones making their presence felt. The last couple of cycles have been much longer than previously, and I suspect have been anovulatory, i.e. no egg produced. In a few weeks time I reach my half century, and the average age for menopause is between 50 and 52. So perhaps the moodiness was hormonal in basis. And perhaps it means I'm nearing the end of my menopausal journey.

Whatever it was, a few minutes of EFT was enough to knock it on the head. I also noticed that my aches and pains felt less apparent. Later that evening before I settled down to sleep I got my husband to do a spinal flush down my back. This is a form of energy healing massage , one of Donna Eden's Energy Medicine techniques. I find it very helpful in releasing any physical knots in the muscles, as well as any energetic ones. You can see a video of Donna using the spinal lymphatic flush here.

I was half expecting to feel quite achey this morning when I got up, but my back was quite good. It's a bit achier now at the end of the day, having carried out seven massages at work, but it is comfortable.

I suspect I shall be in need of some EFT tapping at the weekend as it is on Sunday that I give my presentation at the Northern EFT Gathering at Ilkley, on the use of EFT in menopause, particularly relating to the beliefs and attitudes that women hold about this time of life. So far, I don't feel any anxiety but I don't know if I'll still feel that way on Sunday morning. Hopefully, we will all be doing so much tapping over the weekend that I'll be nice and chilled  anyway.

Then early next week I shall be adding a copy of my presentation to my website,, if you are interested in seeing what I spoke about.

Bright Blessings, 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or requests.

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