Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Gill Edwards - Thank You for Your Legacy

Hi Everyone,

It was with sadness that I learned today that Gill Edwards, one of my favourite inspirational authors, died at 2.20am the morning of Saturday November 19th 2011.

My condolances and sympathy to Gill's family and all who personally knew and loved her.

It was through reading Gill's books that I come to where I am now, and got me involved with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

I had owned her first book, "Living Magically" for a little while  before I was finally able to get into it. I can remember quite vividly reading it on a bus journey into Birmingham so we are probably talking about it being the early 1990s, and obviously the time had come for it to make sense to me.

And make sense it did; that ultimately we are all responsible for ourselves and that we can create our lives the way we want it to be, if we are only aware of this fact, and if we know how to go about it. Throughout her books, Gill always advocates growth through joy, not struggle. And that sounds a much better way to live our lives to me.

The Law of Attraction teachings have become more prominent nowadays; that what we focus our attention on, we get more of. Gill's books were already pointing the route for us to take, should we care to do so.

In the summer of 2006 I read "Wild Love" and this introduced me to energy psychology / energy medicine techniques, and EFT. Reading Gill's words I realised that I had Donna Eden's "Energy Medicine" on my bookshelves; another book that I had tried several times to get into without much success. Now I went back to it, and worked my way through it from a totally different viewpoint, and once again, it all now made sense.

From there I went on to utilise Mr Google and came across the huge EFT site that Gary Craig had set up for Emotional Freedom Techniques. (You can still access most of the hundreds of articles that were originally housed there at

I contacted my EFT Mentor through Gary's site and have now completed all 3 AAMET levels of EFT with her, and continue to receive my mentoring through Martine.

Using EFT along with Reiki on pretty much a daily basis has aided me enormously, and I hope has also helped me to enable and empower those who come to me as clients and those friends with whom I share the information.

It is correct for me to say that much of this is down to reading Gill's books. I am still on my journey, and there are still rocky places to navigate, but reading, and re-reading Gill's works brings me a renewal of inspiration and often new paths to follow as my life changes.

Gill has finished her journey and you only have to go to the Living Magically Facebook page and the tribute page here with a final message from Gill to see just how many people's lives she has touched and enriched. A wonderful teacher whose words and work will live on.

On the Facebook page there is a beautifully uplifting video based on Gill's book "Life is a Gift", which reminds us of the beautiful affirmations that Gill shared with us in her books. 

To a very great soul who now dances with the butterflies...

Bright Blessings, 
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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful uplifting tribute to Gill.Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you<3. I only found out today, nearly a year later about Gill's passing into the magical spirit world. I am very interested in the way you combine EFT with Reiki. Do you have any more information about it? :-) lisa lowy FB

Anonymous said...

Just found out today that the wonderful Gill Edwards my teacher and mentor had died.I had the privilege of attending two of her early workshops in Cumbria soon after she moved there..It changed my life..she changed my life...bless her. and condolences to her family ..JennyB