Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Menopausal Hot Flushes - a curse, or could they be a blessing at times?

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For a number of years now it has been apparent that I am on the menopausal journey that all women must make as they get older, the alternative not really being all that acceptable.

As Susun Weed says in her book New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way, you know you have started going through menopause when you start asking yourself if things that are happening to you are the first signs.

For me, that started about the time I reached 40, just over 10 years ago. I mentioned a little about this in my post HRT Doubles Heart Risk in Two Years" - Is There a Safer Alternative Way to Deal with Menopause?

More recently, my hopes have been raised that I am almost there when my  usually regular monthly cycle began to become far from regular about 2 years or so ago.

A few months ago I went 92 days before a menstrual bleed; as soon as I thought about it though, bleeding began and I was back to waiting for the 12 months menstruation-free (menopause literally being the very last period you have) to know that I was past the finishing line.

I have now clocked up over 100 days since the last bleed. This time I have cause to think that all will go better this time.

Since about 2007 I have had the occasional hot flush (hot flash), or perhaps it's generally truer to say a "warm flush", and apart from one episode, it hasn't been any big deal.

The one real hot flush was on the way home from Scotland, and I have written about how I used EFT tapping to knock it on the head, and incidentally received insight into what probably triggered it, in the PDF version of the presentation that I gave at the EFT Northern Gathering in January 2011.

During the last couple of weeks I have found myself having quite a number of hot flushes; sometimes triggered after having a hot drink, but equally appearing out of the blue and making me feel very warm indeed.

I remember reading somewhere that flushes can become more apparent the nearer you get to actual menopause.

If you read the presentation pdf you will see that one of the things that I talk about with menopause is a woman's beliefs and attitudes in relation to the way she feels about this time of life.

For many, these over-riding surges of heat  are considered a nuisance or worse. Yet there are women who choose to see things in a more positive light and refer to these episodes as "Power Surges", a term I personally quite like.

For me, I actually found these hot states to be extremely welcome. We've had a spell  of very cold weather over the last week or so, and the surges of heat were most appreciated, spreading through me like a shower of much-needed warmth.

In fact, my only regret was that they didn't extend down below the waist. I'd have loved it if they could have reached my toes!

Of course, as the weather warms, if these flushes persist, then it might not be quite so comfortable. But then, I know that if they do start being a problem, or an issue for me, then all I have to do is start tapping on the EFT points. From experience for myself, and as feedback from others, I know that works effectively nearly all of the time.

If you want to try tapping on hot flushes yourself, you can find tapping scripts freely available on my website. One of them is the tap-along script for the Tapping Insiders Club interview I did with Jessica Ortner.

If you then want to learn more about how you can use EFT tapping to help balance the underlying emotional aspects that might underlie the menopausal symptoms you might like to look into my eBook, Menopause - Hormonal Balance with EFT.

It would be interesting to know how other women view this time of life - perhaps you might like to let me know in the comments.

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Bessie Wills said...

"The one real hot flush was on the way home from Scotland, and I have written about how I used EFT tapping to knock it on the head, and incidentally received insight into what probably triggered it"

Yeah, just like me, i'm looking for the best resource of EFT online and found this site http://eft.mercola.com/, i dont have idea of this site and i just want to ask you guys if anyone here seen this before?

Karen Lewis said...

Hi Bessie, I'm signed up to Dr Mercola's Newsletters and his info on EFT is fine. If you want more online resources there is a list on my website - http:/www.eft-reiki.com/links.html that you might like to check out.

Regards, Karen

Joe Hasel said...

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