About Me

I am Karen Lewis.  I live and work on the Staffordshire / West Midlands border of the UK, with my husband and my two feline companions, Pyewacket and Hecate. I have a butterfly mind, hence the name of one of my blogs; even I often don't know where I am likely to be coming from next! 

I am an EFT (Emotional Freedom Tecniques) Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner and author of the eBook, "Menopause - Hormonal Balance With EFT". 

This is my "work" blog, and if you are interested in personal development and self -help you might perhaps also like to visit my websites, EFT and Reiki, and Menopause, Hormonal Balance With EFT-not-HRT.

For relaxation I squirrel myself away in my little "crafting nook" to enjoy crafting, both hands-on "messy" and digital design.

I've now started another "play" blog, Karen's Crafting Nook where I hope to post the results of craft projects and digital scrap design cards, pages and tutorials now and then. Ultimately I hope to be able to offer some digital freebies for download and just join in with the on-line crafting community.

Hopefully you will find something of interest here in these blogs as time goes by ...